Personal Branding

When creating a personal brand it should feature who you are, the services or skills you can offer, and essentially summarize what you are all about. When featuring yourself its okay to be unique and exciting. Your brand statement should attract people to you and everything you can offer them. It should be clear in what services you can offer, but it can also be energizing and exciting.

Social media and a website are extensions of a personal brand. Anything on these resources represents who you are and what you do. Social media can be a great way to become more personal and interactive with potential customers. However, if your social media is a poor representation of you it can drive away potential customers, employers, etc. Don’t forget to include an About page on your website, this gives your reader an insight into you as a person.

Lets Go Viral 

The ultimate goal with anything in technology, advertising, public relations, marketing, etc. is to go viral. A crazy thing about our world is that a message can go viral within minutes. We are lucky to have resources like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to spread a message. When looking at successful viral marketing campaigns, the most successful one actually took place before social media.

The Blair Witch Project was a beyond successful viral campaign in which a low budget film drew in insane amounts of interest and attention because of the way they presented their film. They used fliers, a minimalistic website, and other low budget tactics to spread the word about their film. The viewers felt as if they discovered something unique, original, and completely off of the mainstream. The audience was completely unaware of whether or not the film was real. To date, no one else has created as successful of a viral campaign.

Its essential to be original and unique. Doing this makes your ideas more shareable and allows your creation to go viral.

Other Happenings

A starting point for many creations is a story board or a script. Story boards allow ideas to be organized sequentially with both pictures or graphics and a short amount of text to explain or support the picture. Scripts are used for audio and visual productions, they include dialogue and stage directions.

On a final note, we focused on our group project. For our group project we will be creating an advertising/marketing firm and then developing the campaign for our firm. My group created Tasty Media, which is an advertising and marketing firm for local food services (restaurants, farmers markets, etc.). In the future we will develop a web page, social media strategy, video, photo, graphics, and call to action for our firm.

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