What’s Photoshop For?

The most common use for photoshop is to touch up pictures. Some common uses of photoshop are removing blemishes, color correction, adjusting the size and alignment of a photo, and removing unwanted objects from the photo. A really great video to display all that photoshop can do is titled What is Photoshop? . Photoshop can make the impossible happen. Through layering and image combining photoshop can allow you to stand on the moon, put a person face to face with a dangerous animal, or completely distort the features of an object. Many movie posters use photoshop as well. Some great examples are The Black Swan, Grizzly Man, and Fight Club.

Common Tools in Photoshop

There were a few basic tools that I took advantage of in photoshop. We watched a YouTube video titled You Suck at Photoshop – Clone Stamp and Manual Cloning to help us better understand how to use photoshop. Free Transform is a great tool to use to change the size of the photo, by holding down the shift key you can lock the aspect ratio of the photo. Crop tool is a basic tool to take out large chunks of a photo. Quick selection and magic wand tool allows you to select a large part of the photo to remove. Spot healing brush is a retouch tool commonly used for blemishes, it uses the pixels around the area to make it blend with that section. The eraser tool can remove a section of the photo and the brush size can be adjusted. Clone stamp tool allows you to copy one area and clone it to another area.

My Image

To create my image I made three layers for the project. The first layer was the transparent background. The second layer was of a beach found on google. The third layer was a picture of myself and my sister. Using the magic wand tool I deleted out sections of the background of the third layer. I used eraser tool to touch up small spots of the photo in layer three that need to be removed. Then I positioned layer three on top of layer two. I resized layer three to make it fit into the beach scene of layer two, to make it look more realistic. I added a fourth layer of text for the title of the poster. I adjusted the coloring of the second and third layer to make them blend together better. I then saved my project as both a photoshop creation and a png file.

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