Photoshop Review

During our class we focused on learning more about everything photoshop has to offer. The main purpose of photoshop is photo editing and graphic design. When creating a piece in Adobe Photoshop for the web you should select the RGB color space. When creating a piece for print you should select CMYK. The correct DPI for web is 72 and the correct DPI for print is 300. To unlock the background layer you have to double click the layer or drag the lock icon to the trash. One really important thing we talked about is the proper way to save your work in photoshop. If you want to be able to continue to edit the photo you need to save it as a .PSD file. If you are done editing the photo and ready to publish it, you should then save it in the proper format for which you will be using the photo.


There are so many different tools to use in photoshop and several ways to complete the same type of actions. We did talk about some of the best tools to use for certain actions though. To erase the background the best tool is the magic erase tool, this is the simplest way to remove the background. To remove facial blemishes and neck lines the spot healing brush tool works best. Free transform (plus the shift key) is a great tool to use to adjust the size of a photo without adjusting the aspect ratio.

By doing some external research I learned about some additional tools. The video Photoshop Tutorial: Five Easy Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks showed me some extra tips and tricks for retouching photos. Some tips that I thought were really useful I listed below.

  1. Brighten the image with the brightness tool, right click layer and choose blending style options, then go to the underlying layer and hold the alt key and drag the light side (for contrast drag the darkness side)
  2. Use healing or clone tools on separate layers
  3. Reduce haze by going into adjustment levels and create a new levels adjustment layer, go to image and apply image, then select to apply the blue channel to the layers mask, hold alt key, adjust the black and white sliders tool

My Photoshop Work

In class I worked on editing a photo that would represent the firm we are creating for our class project. My firm is Tasty Media, we are a marketing/advertising/public relations firm that represents small or up-and-coming West Michigan food businesses. I attempted to create some sort of logo or icon or webpage photo for Tasty Media. The main picture was lots of colorful fruits and vegetables. I enhanced the brightness and adjusted the contrast of the photo. On top of the photo I included Tasty Media, I tried a few different fonts because I wasn’t sure which would look best. I loved the way the colors popped and drew in your attention. To be creative one possibility I explored was erasing the photo behind the words Tasty Media. At one point I also had several cooking utensils placed below the words Tasty Media, however I didn’t feel like they were needed. I wanted clean, simple, clear, and eye catching. I liked the simplicity of only having the background photo with the company name.


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