Camera: The Parts

The body houses the camera, it provides ease of use and comfort for the photographer. The lens is the eye of the camera, different lenses allow photographers to vary the type of photos they take. Common lenses are zoom lenses and prime lenses. Inside of the camera is the sensor, essentially this is digital film. An SD card is inserted into the camera to save images.

Terms to Know

Standard lenses represent the space the way it is viewed by the human eye. Wide angle lenses are able to capture more of the scene in the frame of the photo. There are several modes to shoot in fully automatic is the most common setting to shoot in for beginners. Professionals shoot in manual mode that way they can personalize all of the settings.


There are several different techniques to use when taking photos. The rule of thirds is one to consider, this splits the vertical and horizontal space into three parts. Perspective is another thing to consider, a low angle makes the subject seem more powerful and a high angle makes the subject seem more submissive. Full body shots, medium shots, close ups, and extreme close ups are all ways to capture emotion through a photo. There are several tricks to photography to create effects on the photo. This video highlights a lot of really great hacks to use to make your photo unique.

Photo Practice


This photo is a close up, it shows the features and emotion to the viewer.


This photo is an extreme close up, it shows details that cannot be seen from a distance.


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