We spent a lot of time reviewing the basics to photography. One really important thing in photography is shutter speed. Adjusting the shutter speed will help to keep a moving object from blurring the photo. A moving object works well on the 1/250 sec shutter speed. Aperture is another important feature to adjust. When changing the aperture it adjusts the depth of focus in a picture. High ISO is used in darker settings and makes a faster shutter speed. Shooting in manual mode allows you to adjust these to best fit the situation you are in.


Looking further into photography I watched a great video titled 7 Powerful Photography Tips for Amazing Photos. In this video he gave some great tips to use in photography. The first tip and most important is that you should fill the frame with what you like. Don’t leave excess space in the photo, only incorporate what you think is most important. The next tip is to simplify and exaggerate, once you know what you want to focus on figure out a way to accentuate the features of it. Don’t center your subject. Create depth in the photograph, you can do this by having a focal object in the foreground and the background of your photo. If you are able to, try to connect the dots between objects in your photo. A leading line can connect the objects. Change the perspective of the photograph to show something unique and different. Lighting is super important, find ways to make the lighting work for you.


I practiced adjusting the aperture to see how much it would effect my photo. I took these pictures on the blue bridge at Grand Valley State University. Same spot, same time of day, and same scenery. These were the results. We have our too bright, too dark, and just right.




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