In class we visited a Photo Studio. This was my first time being in a photo studio and it was a great experience. We visited Green Frog Photo, which is located in Grand Rapids. The photo studio had two floors. The top floor was more of a blank canvas, essentially it was an open space with no decor. The top floor was where they held all of their equipment. The bottom floor is a space for scene setting. There are several different rooms with different decor and themes. These can be used for video and photography. The advantage to having a two floored studio, is that they can provide in studio photo shoots.

Green Frog Photo provides several different services. They offer both photography and videography, which can be done in studio or on location. They also provide post production services and marketing consulting. Green Frog Photo has many well known clients such as Meijer, Harley Davidson, Kellogg’s, and AT&T. They are a group of photographers with a wide variety of specialties and skills. Some of their main focuses are food, architecture, and lifestyle.

Some people, including myself, do not have access to a photo studio. I found a great video that beginners can use to create their own at home photo studio. Throughout the video they talked about the supplies needed to make this studio in your own home!

Another video I really enjoyed was Inside NoHo Photo Studio. This video showed the different rooms and setting that their studio had to offer. I liked this studio because it was not exactly like Green Frog Photo. Which goes to show that every studio is different and that you must chose the best photo studio to go to, in order to fit your needs.


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