Our focus for the week is creating and filming video. In class we talked a lot about the production process. One of the biggest take away’s I gathered was the importance of telling a story. No matter what type of video you are making, if you tell a story it will better resonate with your audience.  We watched a short film by Mathieu Ratthe titled LOVEFIELD. This film showed the power of audio in telling a story. The audio you use has a huge impact on your audience and the feelings they have.

Before beginning production of the film, you must complete the post production steps. To begin you must have both a script and a storyboard. The script is useful in knowing the setting, the lines, and the emotion to be shown. The storyboard gives the director an idea of what needs to be shot and what those shots need to look like. These points must be achieved before beginning to film. You must hold a casting call, scout the locations for the film, and properly align scheduling. If any of these aspects are forgotten or neglected things could go very wrong during the filming process.

Now it comes time for production. A super important part of filming is to make sure you  have proper lighting. The lighting affects the entire look of a scene. Without lighting your characters will look non-dimensional and blend with their surroundings. This is a great scale to keep on hand to know the proper lighting.kelvin-scale

Arguably the most important part of a film or video is the sound. If the audio for your production cannot be understood, they will have no reason to stay. Using any form a speaker outside of the one built into the camera will make your audio quality so much better.

Don’t forget, once the production is completed comes the editing part. This requires the patience to discover what clips and sound bites will work out and then align them accordingly. Editing can be a very time consuming process, however, it  brings the film to life.

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