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Philip Bloom is a filmmaker who specializes in creating phenomenal images no matter what type of camera he films with. He is also very well known for his in-depth reviews of cameras on YouTube. Philip has done independent projects for many companies including BBC, CNN, CBS, Discovery, FOX and NBC. He has a large social media following where he teaches film technique to all skill levels. He also travels the world filming and teaching film technique to new and old filmmakers.

I watched several of his videos on YouTube. It appeared that his most popular videos were reviews of cameras. He has 119,705 subscribers and his channel has reached 9,927,823 views. One video I enjoyed in particular was Las Vegas In Infrared. One of the first things I noticed was the unique title he placed in the beginning of the video. It had a glowing and reflecting look that matched the overall style of the video very well. The cuts between shots were clean and smooth flowing. They did not feel uncomfortable or misplaced. He filmed shots from several different creative view points.

I really enjoyed the shots where the subjects were moving in extreme slow motion. To set the scene for Las Vegas he included some incredible establishing shots. Philip mainly featured the city and the people in the city. Most of his shots were establishing shots or wide shots. I appreciated his use of music to enhance the mood of the video. The music began softly and progressed. The speed of the video matched the intensity of the music. I found it very interesting that he chose to end the video with an empty parking lot and a shot that made Las Vegas seem abandoned or empty. 

Personally, I did not feel like this video told a story. I don’t believe Philip Bloom intended to tell a story with this short film. However, I think he could have taken advantage of the opportunity and it would have made his film much more powerful. He never used any form of a close up, which failed to depict any emotion in the film. Aside from that I appreciated the style he used and the type of video he decided to create.

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