Website Creation

Creating a website used to be a task that took knowledge of html and coding. With today’s technology anyone can create a website using preexisting settings and themes. There are many websites that allow you to create a website for free. Each computer has an IP address to identify itself, domain names serve as the link to the IP address. Domain names are used in URL’s to identify web pages, it is the fundamental network identification for any resource connected to the web. There are several different domain name extensions some common ones are gov, edu, com, net, org, and edu. Once you have selected a domain name that represents your site, you then need to find a host site.domainname

High Quality vs. Low Quality

We talked about what makes a web page good and bad. Websites that are poorly designed tend to have a bad performance and sub-optimal Google Analytics metrics. Some qualities of bad websites include too many fonts, too many colors, and overall clutter. Unclear navigation and theme on a website may confuse viewers. Poor websites use low quality images, improper formatting, and are unappealing to the eye.

Websites of good quality include a clear purpose and fulfill a specific need. They impose concise communication to quickly deliver their message. High quality websites use easy to read fonts and typically use a maximum of 3 typefaces. Complementary colors are used in a website to create both contrast and balance in the website design. Any image used should be high quality and professional. Videos and graphs can be used on websites to deliver messages better than through text alone. Finally, navigation should be easy to follow.

Personal Website Decision

I’ve created my website through WordPress. When I decided to start my blog on WordPress, I did some research to figure out which website is the best platform to start your blog through. For my purposes I felt that WordPress was the best option. I found this great video titled Blogger vs. WordPress! that describes the differences between two common platforms. The descriptions used in this video, were the most applicable to me and where I could see the future of my blog going. I am more content based, than photography based. WordPress was the best option for me!


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