This week we took a look at Adobe InDesign. InDesign is used to create posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. When using this software there are important concepts to understand such as margins, bleed, and slug. The margin is the negative space around the inside of a page, which is essentially the zone in which you can guarantee all content will safely show up. Bleed is used for print only, it is extra space in addition to the page size that is cut off. Slug is extra space on the outside of your document used to show markings or notes for the printer it will not be seen in your final product.

Terms to Know

Facing pages are two pages shown side by side, which is used for documents that will be printed and bound. Master pages allow for a mini template to create and use throughout the entire document. Windows/orphans are single words left alone at the end of a paragraph or a single line of a paragraph left by itself at the beginning or end of a paragraph. Windows and orphans are visually unappealing and look unprofessional, to avoid them you can change the font type or size, the column size, or edit the sentence. Hyphenation is when you hyphenate words in your paragraph to allow for better flow of the lines. A callout is a quote or sidebar-type part of the layout that is separated from the body of the text to draw in your viewers attention.

How To: Beginners Knowledge

We learned how to use InDesign through a video and a guided makeup of a postcard. I was curious about how Master Pages work, the most helpful video I found was titled Creating and Applying Master Pages in InDesign Tutorial. Not only did I find their video helpful, I really enjoyed the content they created as well. For me short and concise videos are super important, the quicker someone can explain a concept the better I will learn it. I actually created my own project in InDesign with images provided by the professor. The first step is to adjust your preferences, since we were creating a postcard we wanted it to be 6 inches by 4 inches. We also wanted to have a front and backside to the postcard so we set the number of pages to 2 and turned off facing pages. Our margins were set to 0.5 and the bleed to 0.125. We then created our postcard however we saw fit with the given materials. Below is the postcard I created for the event being hosted.

postcard-final screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-11-02-03-pm



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